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Hello fellow podcasters!

sound geeks, audio freaks, and podcast beginners. My name is Studio Steve, I’m the creative director of H13 Radio and the producer and host of Pod Sound School.


From the earliest time I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with sound and specifically recording and manipulating electronic sound. As a child I would play with analog tape machines and create films by stacking VCR’s on top of each other, routing cables from many devices into and out of many other devices.


As a teenager I found myself working at a major recording studio in Hollywood. I remember the first time I saw a large mixing console. It was like entering into a spaceship. I never imagined in a hundred years that I could understand how all that equipment worked - the endless buttons and dials.


After working from intern to runner, to assistant engineer, to eventually an engineer, I did learn how to press and play with all those lovely knobs.


In 2007 I started my own recording studio where I specialized in recording and producing bands and hip hop artists. While getting lost in endless hours of music production, I also found the time to play in bands, compose music, educate others on recording, provide Pro Tools lessons, and attend school for film making.


All of this experience and passion over the years led me into the world of podcasting. I love telling stories and painting pictures using audio and although it wasn’t something I set out to do at first, podcasting has become one of my greatest passions.


I am So excited about this project. Pod Sound School encompasses all of my favorite aspects of creation: I love mixing and editing, I love geekin’ out on gear, and I especially love sharing the knowledge I’ve learned over the years with others. And I’m most excited to help all of you to sound your best.


Don’t hesitate to reach out, I’d love to get to know each of you better.


Happy Casting!